natural colors and prints

The reason I created The Bucket lies in my passion to find new natural sources of pigment, many people don’t know even exist.  In addition to fabulous flowers, Nature offers us countless dyes – tree bark and roots, metal, fruit and vegetables… I seal their “stories” on natural textiles and let them continue to tell them long after their life is over.

I use ancient techniques in the process of hand dying and most of the prints fascinate with unexpectedly beautiful shapes and shades. When I see the result of Nature creating right on the fabric I admire the potential of everything which is thrown away as unnecessary. This was my inspiration for the brand’s name – The Bucket – where I put my “waste with a future”.

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Kalina Mihaylova

One of my projects “A Vow on Silk” gives a second life to wedding decorations. I recreate the colors of the wedding day on fabric, thus keeping the beauty of the flowers with the newlyweds forever.

I dream that fashion treats The Earth more responsibly, for we all are continuing to cause increasing damage with our temporary careless being. That is why I work with natural fabrics and dyes – I find beauty, meaning and care for Nature in them.