Frequently asked questions

Our service “A vow on Silk” is meant to give a chance to your wedding flowers to live again. We know that the flowers witnessed your Yes, they saw your first wedding dance, they heard your vows, they laughed and cried at the ceremony together with your loved ones.

You put a lot of emotion in choosing them and the moment you have to part is quite unpleasant (even painful for some). That is why, when the time comes to throw them away, you can send them or bring them to us, we will hand-dye silk fabrics with them and thus they will stay with you forever, instead of go to the trash bin, as it happens most of the times. So, we like to say we are the “right” bucket for your flowers. If you don’t find the answer to any of your questions in the section below, contact us for more information.

The flowers can get to us still fresh a few days after the wedding. If you want to enjoy them for some time, then keep them in fresh water so that you save their best condition as long as possible.

When they start to wither and you decide to part with them it’s the right time to send them to us. If you want to dry them and send them to us later then let them dry with the flowers looking down at a shadowy, but airy space.

Yes, of course. All flowers have pigments in them which we can transfer onto a natural fabric. Your flowers surely still keep the memories from your wedding day and would love to share them with the silk cloth, so they can live again and be closer to you.

You can use whatever delivery company, no matter at what part of the world you are located. It is a very important condition that you do not put the flowers in a plastic bag, but keep them in a paper bag or a cardboard box, so they do not rot until reaching us.

Yes, of course. We can transport them to our studio from any part of the country. To plan this service, please notify us 3 working days in advance for Sofia and 5 working days in advance for other locations in Bulgaria. Please contact us, so we can send you an offer for this service.

We prefer natural silk. We create most of our products in the studio with it. Every natural material is a good option for the process of hand dying. We transfer the colors from wedding flowers onto luxury satin cotton to create exquisite bed linen sets.

We can produce anything that is possible to be done with cloth. Every item is produced in our studio and is unique, created especially for each client. We take into account your sizes, preferences and wishes, based on the comments that precede each order.

We supply all needed fabrics and materials. Before we work with a certain material we test the potential and the composition, so we can guarantee the quality and durability of the pigments.

We rarely accept clients’ garments to work with. The reason is mainly that every time you wear it, every touch to the skin and cosmetics or various treatments (washing) saturates the fabric with different substances, which could possibly compromise the process and the durability of the dyes. But we are still open for discussions.

It usually takes 15 to 20 days.

It depends on the type and condition of flowers. Some flowers have great potential, others, despite their quantity may turn out to have weaker pigments. It also depends on the desired result – how saturated and intense we expect the textile to be. However, every case is individual and we always discuss with the newlyweds in advance what can be achieved.

About 2 weeks. In busy periods we may need up to 3 weeks. In most cases we are ready by the time you return from your honeymoon.

We can offer you two types of Gift Cards:

  • Option one: If you want to give her more freedom in the choice of product, you can give her a Gift Card for hand-dyed silk per meter. She will choose the product by herself later or she can keep the silk and use it to sew something for her in the future as a present from you.
  • Option two: If you know her really well, you can give her a voucher for a certain item, for example a night gown or a dressing gown. The only thing she needs to do is send us her wedding flowers.

In both cases the Gift Voucher comes with a beautiful wrapping and handwritten details of the gift. This gift is suitable to be given on the day of the bachelorette party or on the wedding day.

Please contact us to request information about prices, timing and other important details of the order.

About 2-3 weeks ahead the wedding you will most certainly know what type of flowers you will use for the decoration. We could use the same type of flowers to dye some silk items in advance, for example a pocket handkerchief, a bow tie or scarf, so that you have them as a gift on the day of the wedding. If you want to give them the freedom to choose, then you can give them one of our Gift Vouchers to use them and choose a gift afterwards.

Your hand-dyed products have delicate natural dyes, the maintenance of which requires hand washing with water up to 30 degrees, non-aggressive detergents, no bleaching, no dry cleaning. It is advisable to wash separately from other clothes if you use a washing machine and run the product on a short program with cold water and gentle spin mode. After washing, it is good to let the product dry on a towel on a flat surface, away from direct sunlight. Some more delicate fabrics, such as chiffon, should only be hand-washed. While the fabric is still damp, you can iron the product to a degree appropriate to the fabric. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

It is not obligatory that you send us the flowers. If you want us to create a unique, hand-dyed dressing gown, we will provide the necessary plants, after we have discussed with you what color palette is preferable for you.

The tones of your product may be close to that of your friend, they may be the same, but they may also differ. The process is manual, the plants are always different and unique. Sure, your silks may seem similar, but still they will be completely different and each of you will have her own unique color creation.