Silk with an Idea

“Silk with an Idea” is the magical opportunity that we offer to give a second life to flowers from memorable events of yours or your loved ones. Hand-dyed silk with flowers from people or occasions dear to you. Flowers are an inevitable part of every significant personal holiday in our lives. We gift people with big bouquets or we receive them. The moment we part with those flowers is sad. According to us it also unnecessary.

"Silk with an idea" is a great choice for:

“Silk with an Idea” and your flowers will turn into a garment, underwear or other silk accessory, hand-dyed with the colors most precious to you.

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Hi, I took the bed linen set… It’s great! Thank you for making this special bouquet eternal. Thanks a million for everything!
Hello, I just received the beautiful scarf. I thank you for what you have created for me! You warmed my soul and heart those days! It is very beautiful and I am extremely happy I will have such a bojou to wear at special times.
I took my nightgown just last night and I am speechless!!! So perfect – every detail… it is magnificent! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the emotion that you gift people with. See you!