Bedroom set Coral Peony

Soft satin luxury cotton in a soft pastel color, hand dyed with plants.



The set consists of 6 pieces and is the right size for any bedroom.


  • 2 pillowcases 50×70 cm;
  • 2 pillowcases 60×90 cm (the pillowcases are “Oxford” type with a border of 5 cm and overlapping on the short side);
  • mattress sheet without elastic 260×280 cm;
  • a duvet cover 200×220 cm, with an opening for the duvet at the bottom edge.

The cotton is satin (it is treated against the appearance of hairs and the formation of “balls”). The set is suitable for year-round use.


No synthetic dyes, fixatives and/or other chemicals are used in the dyeing process. Proper maintenance of the products requires hand washing with water up to 30 degrees with a gentle/non-aggressive detergent.

Wash separately from other clothes. After washing, gently squeeze out the water and place the item to dry on a flat surface on a towel. You can iron the silk at a suitable temperature of the iron while it is still damp.