Jasmine White

With a strong presence that cannot go unnoticed. Alluring, sexy and unique, just like you.



One of our most delicate lingerie sets, a bestseller in bridal wear.

The bikini is made of lace in the front and natural silk in the back. The two elements with laces in the front give extra chic to the underwear, while at the same time giving you the possibility of freedom and comfort in the waist circumference.

The bra is a classic model without panels and padding, emphasizing the natural shape of the breast. It looks great on both smaller and larger busts.

Additional information

Размер бикини

M – L, XS – S

Размер сутиен

70 – 75 A/B, 75 – 80 B/C


No synthetic dyes, fixatives and/or other chemicals are used in the dyeing process. Proper maintenance of the products requires hand washing with water up to 30 degrees with a gentle/non-aggressive detergent.

Wash separately from other clothes. After washing, gently squeeze out the water and place the item to dry on a flat surface on a towel. You can iron the silk at a suitable temperature of the iron while it is still damp.