Spring Lemonade bow tie

Hand-dyed silk bow tie, unisex



Classic bow tie made of 100% natural silk, hand-dyed with plants. Satin silk. Size 13×6.5 cm. Fastening under the collar of the shirt is done with an adjustable elastic band.

The accessory is a suitable addition to men’s and women’s clothing. Wild flowers were used to dye the silk and a manual technique was used. The products of the series are similar, but each of them is unique and has its own history and handwriting.


No synthetic dyes, fixatives and/or other chemicals are used in the dyeing process. Proper maintenance of the products requires hand washing with water up to 30 degrees with a gentle/non-aggressive detergent.

Wash separately from other clothes. After washing, gently squeeze out the water and place the item to dry on a flat surface on a towel. You can iron the silk at a suitable temperature of the iron while it is still damp.